MJS-pickupsMJS Custom Pickups and Guitar O.R. have recently entered a partnership to offer our clients a truely hand wound, custom pickup which also happens to be proudly Canadian!

If a completely custom pickup that give you a tone that can’t be copied is what you are looking for, then this should be your first stop. MJS is a small company that will take the time to ensure you are being matched with the perfect pickup for your guitar or bass.

By answering a few questions regarding your guitar and what type of tone you looking to achieve, they are able to dial in a pickup that is sure to amaze you. No pickup is made until ordered so you can rest assure that there won’t be another one like yours.

After hearing MJS pickups you’ll finally be able to appreciate the difference between a stock factory and a hand made pickup. From quality of parts to true craftmanship, this is what all the big boys used to be like. If tone is your thing, it’s definitely worth the extra investment.

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