Hipshot - Guitars tuners, bass tuners, and bridge mods

hipshot-tuners-guitarFrom humble beginnings in California to one of the most respected companies in the industry, Hipshot Products has expanded to offer a full line of tuner (machine head) and bridge upgrade options for your instrument.

A lot of guitar companies will shave a few bucks of the purchase price at the expense of tuners and bridges. By upgrading one or both, you can experience much fewer issues when dealing with the tuning stability of your guitar.

Hipshot tuners are made with fewer moveable parts and out of higher grade metal than any other on the market. This, in combination with a higher gear ratio, ensures a smooth and stable product, giving you the ability to perfectly dial in each string.

Hipshot also offers a wide variety of guitar and bass replacement bridges. The quality of the metal? and precision build of its parts, allows the energy to transfer directly into the body of your guitar, maximizing its tone and sustain.

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