Repair Services

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Guitar O.R. offers a full line of luthrie services for most stringed instruments. From set ups and small adjustments to full repairs and restorations. If your instrument isn’t sounding or playing like it has the potential to, or its in need of some repair, then its time for a visit to the O.R. The three main facets of our business revolve around working with wood, instrument electronics, and refinishing. If you are having any issues with your guitars, banjos, mandolins or any other stringed instruments, we are more than happy to spend the time to discuss options, work with a budget, and get the most out of your instrument.

We offer a whole range of services including stringed instrument repair, which includes guitar repair including acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar repair including acoustic and electric bass, banjo repair, and any other stringed instrument in the guitar family of instruments.

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