Making your stringed instrument the best for you!

  • Stringed Instrument Set-ups

    Most commonly the biggest issues our clients face with their instruments is simply a result of wood being wood. Calgarys’ climate can wreak havoc on even the highest quality wood. Let us explain to you the advantages and disadvantages associated with different style set ups, so you can make an informed decision and get your baby playing to match your individual style perfectly.

  • Nut and Saddle Replacement

    One of the most popular as well as cost efficient way to immediately improve the sound and tone or your instrument is nut and/or saddle replacement. By upgrading the nut and saddle to a much denser, more consistent material, hand made to fit each unique instrument, we are able to enhance the transfer of energy. This gives you an instrument that will sound better, sustain longer, with an improved ability to project.

  • Stringed Instrument Modifications

    Mods can be any modification to your instrument. Whether its changing the tuners, bridge, frets or finish of your guitar you can achieve a lot of great results. However in my experience mods most often refer to changes to the electronics. With mods there are lots of options. We’re more than happy to talk to you so we can figure out exactly what you’re looking for. There are lots of new directions your guitar can go when dealing with sounds.

  • Neck Resets

    One of the bigger jobs we do at Guitar O.R. is a neck reset. Over the life of any wooden instrument, the pull from the strings can actually move the neck forward. This causes the string height to be much higher, effecting pitch and greatly increasing the amount of physical pressure you have to apply with your fingers to play. A neck reset involves removing the neck from the body of the guitar and sanding off just enough wood from the heel of the neck to change the pitch or angle of the neck.

  • Structural

    Accidents happen, things break, and we can fix them! This is an example of rebracing a Fender Kingman acoustic guitar.

  • Refinishing

    Guitar O.R also is one of the few shops in Canada that offers refinishing. Whether it be small touch ups to existing instruments or special circumstances requiring full refinishing.


  • "I've been going to Guitar OR for a long time now. I wouldn't trust my guitars with anyone else."

    Dan M.
  • " Jarin is the go to guy in town. I've never been let down.  And he's a dog guy so how can you go wrong.)"

    Josh P.
  • "Guitar OR is the go to shop in Calgary.  I've been taking my guitars there or over 10 years now and its always been a great experience."

    Steve P.
  • “Jarin is a guitar guru.  He's helped me out a lot over the years."

    Ron D.
  • “I know nothing about guitars, so when my son damaged my husbands, I was lost.  Jarin took the time to explain the options to me without talking down to me.  I would highly recommend Guitar OR"

    Chelsey R.
  • “I you are in need of an amazing tech, Jarin is your guy."

    Janice Jaimeson-Edmonton
  • “Great Job guys. Thanks SO MUCH!!  I'll be spreading the word"

    Rick Boucher-Calgary
  • I thought my mothers mandolin was beyond repair. It’s an amazing instrument now. Thanks a lot for the work and care you put into it. My entire family thanks you.

    Martin Jones-Calgary

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